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- 0.22 (peter)
Fixed all broken tests in testZope with and without slimmer
Vastly improved and it's registerXXXFile functions.
- 0.21 (peter)
Fixed important bug in sendEmailNG() that would try to send to and
from non-ascii emails (e.g. u'')
- 0.20 (peter)
Added ukpostcode which exposes two useful methods:
valid_uk_postcode, format_uk_postcode
- 0.19 (peter)
Improvements to sendEmailNG() with support for charset parameter
Improvements to html2plaintext when there is no body tag in the
Fix for getRedirectURL() where parameter 'params' wasn't reset
between usage. Always vary of using empty dicts or lists as default
parameter values.
- 0.18 (lukasz)
Functions that register files are now return number of files
- 0.17
New feature: Made it possible to set environment variable
ABSOLUTE_MISC_URLS to get http://.../misc_/... instead of just
- 0.16
New feature: made sendEmailNG() smarter. If the 'debug' parameter
is a valid directory or a valid file it'll write to that instead
of stdout.
- 0.15
Bug fixed: GzippedImageFile.index_html() had an error on
- 0.14
New feature: set_cookie() accepts 'across_domain_cookie_' which sets
the cookie acros multiple subdomains like '' AND
New feature: attachImage() and attachImages() sets imagefiles into
classes as class attributes.
New feature: Utils.iuniqify() does what uniqify does but case
insensitively if possible.
New feature: http_redirect() can sniff for getRootURL() method.
- 0.13
Bug fixed: doCache() rounded off hours if a float < 24 wrongly.
- 0.12
Bug fixed: Zope.registerIcons() can now accept a list of strings
of imagenames.
New feature: registerIcon() prevents paths with '//' in them.
- 0.11
New feature: Added stopCache() and doCache() for HTTP header caching
- 0.10
Bug fixed: sendEmail() sends the email differetly if the found
Mailhost is a SecureMailHost or regular MailHost object so that the
headers look right.
- 0.9
New feature: sendEmail() takes a new parameter 'debug' which can
be a boolean or an object that has a 'write()' method eg. StringIO
instances or sys.stderr
- 0.8
Bug fixed: registerIcons() accepts Globals=globals() parameter.
- 0.7
Bug fixed: _deployImages() skips '.svn' and 'CVS' folders.
New feature: sendEmail() uses secureSend() if mailhost is
- 0.6
New feature: sendEmail(msg, to, from, subject, swallowerrors=False)
New feature: Added expire_cookie() method to Bases
- 0.5
New feature: http_redirect() can take a dict as second param or
applied keyword arguments and these are added to the URL.
- 0.4
New feature: Base http_redirect()
- 0.3
New feature: Added HomepageBTreeBase and
HomepageBTreeBaseCatalogAware classes.
- 0.2
New feature: set_cookie() makes sure DateTime objects are
converted to RFC822 format.
- 0.1
Project started.