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* Add ability to "Star" bugs
* Support ngAnimate
* Being able to add bugs outside chosen products as "misc" bugs
This might need an interface, like "Find bugs you've reported"
* appcache file
* Refactor so that `bug.things` doesn't get stored when saving a bug
* Retroactively, for all attachments that are image/* content types,
download them separately and use
to resize them into thumbnails.
* Upgrade localForage and use promises
* Loading indicators
* Replace "From Tilo Mitra at 3:56pm, April 3, 2012" line on selected
* Permlink all dates on comments
* Fix orderBy
* Header on list to refresh
* Nav color coded statuses
* First fetch by bugs you're CC'ed on or assigned to
* Cache /configuration API (cache the 'all' variable)
* When downloading comments on a bug, it needs to reset the `extract`
* Auth!
* Cache the gravatar calculation because it's slow
* Combine history with comments
* interval that repeatedly fetches new bugs
* Use mcote's notes re native REST API and products
* Seems `things` doesn't get the right sort order
* interval that repeatedly fetches updated bugs
* Submitting search when there's only one bug found should select that
* Filtering by "Assigned to me" AND Status=NEW should only match bugs
that are assigned to me AND Status=NEW
* Refactor to use "sub-controllers"
* Offline indicator
* Delay on the search using $scope.$watch
* About page
* Map emails -> names for comments (find out from Dave Lawrence)
* Ability to filter by product
* Upon selecting a bug and it doing a fetch, add `groups` to the
include_fields and use that to deduce if the bug is private
(dkl suggests: " if you do include_fields=groups, you just look at
whether the list for that key has 1 or more entries")
* Loading dialog
* Upgrade to latest angularjs
* Filter by changed bugs (like you can with unread)
* Display attachments
* Keyboard shortcuts for listing up and down
* Small summary of bug at the top when scrolled down
* Ability to post comments
* Searching for products & components by email uses a search result
now instead of immediately putting them into $scope.products
* Changing product filters updates the charts immediately
* Use grymt instead to make a dist
* Upgrade to angular v1.2.16
* Issue 6 - prevent potential flood of individual bug fetches
* Integration with Bugzfeed
* In the list show the gravatar of the last person to comment too.
* Reconnect disconnected websocket