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peterbe committed Nov 2, 2012
1 parent cc8fd57 commit f014589afda78f76bfd8b6c624f7204bb76b44f0
@@ -44,6 +44,18 @@ <h2>About this site</h2>
<h2>Side projects</h2>
+<div class="project" id="hugepic">
+ <p class="floatleft"><a href=""><img src="{{ static('images/hugepic-scr.png') }}" alt="HUGEpic screenshot"></a></p>
+ <h3>HUGEpic</h3>
+ <h4><a href=""></a></h4>
+ <p>This app combined <a href="">Leaflet</a> with <a href=""></a>
+ with <a href="">Amazon S3</a> to let you upload massive pictures and draw annotations on them
+ to be able to zoom in, pan and share specific regions without having to download the whole image.
+ And it works great on mobile too!</p>
+ <p>All the code is open source and <a href="">available here</a> and it's a Tornado
+ app that relies very heavily on <a href="">RQ</a>.</p>
<div class="project" id="aroundtheworld">
<p class="floatleft"><a href=""><img src="{{ static('images/aroundtheworld-scr.png') }}" alt="Around The World screenshot"></a></p>
<h3>Around The World</h3>
@@ -185,8 +197,8 @@ <h4><a href=""></a></h4>
{% endblock %}
{% block extrajs %}
-{% compress js %}
<script src="{{ static("libs/zepto.min.js") }}"></script>
+{% compress js %}
<script src="{{ static("js/about.js") }}"></script>
{% endcompress %}
{% endblock %}
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