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more gentle with non-http looking links #377

merged 1 commit into from Oct 10, 2018
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Just for now

@@ -100,3 +100,18 @@ def test_linkify_urls_with_fragments(requestsmock):
) in html
def test_linkify_urls_not_http():
text = """
Email me
Or call me on tel:123456789
Or you can just go to
But SSH is better ssh://
Then open file:///tmp/foo.txt
html = utils.render_comment_text(text)
assert '<a href=""></a>' in html
assert " ftp://" in html # that it does not become a link.
assert " ssh://" in html # that it does not become a link.
assert " file://" in html # that it does not become a link.
@@ -80,21 +80,26 @@ def render_comment_text(text):
html = bleach.clean(text)
def custom_nofollow_maker(attrs, new=False):
href_key = (None, u"href")
href_key = (None, "href")
if href_key not in attrs:
return attrs
if attrs[href_key].startswith(u"mailto:"):
href = attrs[href_key]
if href.startswith("mailto:") or href.startswith("tel:"):
# Leave untouched
return attrs
if not (href.startswith("http:") or href.startswith("https:")):
# Bail if it's not a HTTP URL, such as ssh:// or ftp://
return None
p = urlparse(attrs[href_key])
p = urlparse(href)
if p.netloc not in settings.NOFOLLOW_EXCEPTIONS:
# Before we add the `rel="nofollow"` let's first check that this is a
# valid domain at all.
root_url = p.scheme + "://" + p.netloc
response = requests.head(root_url)
response = requests.head(root_url, timeout=5)
if response.status_code == 301:
redirect_p = urlparse(response.headers["location"])
# If the only difference is that it redirects to https instead
@@ -104,12 +109,12 @@ def custom_nofollow_maker(attrs, new=False):
and p.scheme == "http"
and p.netloc == redirect_p.netloc
attrs[href_key] = attrs[href_key].replace("http://", "https://")
attrs[href_key] = href.replace("http://", "https://")
except ConnectionError:
return None
rel_key = (None, u"rel")
rel_key = (None, "rel")
rel_values = [val for val in attrs.get(rel_key, "").split(" ") if val]
if "nofollow" not in [rel_val.lower() for rel_val in rel_values]:
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