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import os.path
from flask_sslify import SSLify
from werkzeug.contrib.fixers import ProxyFix
from whitenoise import WhiteNoise
from app import app, DEBUG
print "Please don't do this in production"
app.debug = DEBUG
# SSLify(app, permanent=True)
APP_ROOT = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
wn_app = WhiteNoise(app.wsgi_app, root=os.path.join(APP_ROOT, 'static'), prefix='/static')
wn_app.add_files(root=os.path.join(APP_ROOT, 'root_files'), prefix='')
app.wsgi_app = wn_app
app.wsgi_app = ProxyFix(app.wsgi_app)
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