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Experiment to compare CDNed vs. origin traffic on
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This started as an experiment to compare the difference of hitting via a CDN or not via CDN.

Now it's morphed into a simpler tool to just check on the CDN for one domain.


This is an experiment to see the performance difference between (which in April 2019, is a DigitalOcean server based in NYC, USA) and (which is a KeyCDN "zone" CNAME).

The test downloads the 100 most recent blog posts with Brotli (Accept-Encoding) and after a while starts spitting out comparison stats.


Python 3 with requests and pyquery installed. Then run:


Between each requests.get() there's a 3 sec sleep. You can change to to, 5.5 for example like this:

echo 5.5 > cdn-crawler-sleeptime

The stats are printed after every 10 iterations. You can change that, for example, to 20 like this:

echo 20 > cdn-crawler-report-every
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