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adding a page about monkeypatches (technically in funfactory)

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+.. _monkeypatches:
+Monkey patches
+Unfortunately we have to rely on a set of monkey patches. These are
+`loaded from funfactory
+Why this works is because the first installed app is always
+``funfactory`` and the first thing Django does after configuring itself
+(i.e. ``django.conf.settings`` is a module) is to load the
+```` file from every installed app.
+Ideally all monkey patches will one day go away. Either by individual
+apps getting smarter or Django getting smarter.
+The reason the monkey patches are in funfactory is because it is
+assumed that all playdoh instances will need the monkey patches and
+therefore it's a convenience to put this into funfactory. Most of the
+monkey patches are unobtrusive meaning they are not applied unless the
+relevant app is in your ``INSTALLED_APPS``.
+.. note::
+ Because we're relying on a Django specific trick (that
+ are always loaded) the ``monkeypatches.patch()`` function will
+ write to ``logging.debug()``

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