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commit 3df48d0362954d446af634dad6b082a79958a0ef 1 parent bb1386e
@rhelmer rhelmer authored
17 docs/populatepostgres.rst
@@ -67,19 +67,12 @@ volume is low enough, you may want to modify this function
Normally this is run for the previous day by
but you can simply run the backfill function to bootstrap the system:
-As the *postgres* user:
- psql -h localhost -U breakpad_rw breakpad
- breakpad=# select backfill_matviews('2012-03-02', '2012-03-03');
-Be sure to use to/from dates that match the CSV data you have entered.
-There should be no failures, and the result should be "true".
+This is normally run by the, so take a look in there if
+you need to make adjustments.
-Enable at least one "featured" product, this command will set all
-current versions to "featured" (this controls which versions appear on the
-front page of the web UI):
- breakpad=# UPDATE product_versions SET featured_version = true;
+There also needs to be at least one featured version, which is
+controlled by setting "featured_version" column to "true" for one
+or more rows in the product_version table.
Restart memcached as the *root* user:
10 puppet/manifests/classes/socorro-db.pp
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
user => 'postgres',
require => Exec['create-breakpad-db'];
- '/usr/bin/psql -f /home/socorro/dev/socorro/sql/schema/3/breakpad_schema.sql breakpad':
+ '/usr/bin/psql -f /home/socorro/dev/socorro/sql/schema/5/breakpad_schema.sql breakpad':
alias => 'setup-schema',
user => 'postgres',
require => Exec['create-breakpad-roles'],
@@ -103,14 +103,6 @@
exec {
- '/usr/bin/psql -c "SELECT backfill_matviews(\'2012-04-02\', \'2012-04-03\'); UPDATE product_versions SET featured_version = true" breakpad':
- alias => 'bootstrap-matviews',
- user => 'postgres',
- onlyif => '/usr/bin/psql -xt breakpad -c "SELECT count(*) FROM product_versions" | grep "count | 0"',
- require => Exec['dataload'];
- }
- exec {
'/usr/bin/createdb test':
require => Package['postgresql'],
unless => '/usr/bin/psql --list test',
3  tools/dataload/
@@ -12,3 +12,6 @@ do
exit $exit_code
+psql -c "SELECT backfill_matviews('2012-04-02', '2012-04-03')" breakpad
+psql -c "UPDATE product_versions SET featured_version = true" breakpad
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