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import base64
import time
import datetime
import mimetypes
import os
import re
import hmac
import hashlib
import unittest
from tornado.testing import LogTrapTestCase, AsyncHTTPTestCase
os.environ['ALWAYS_EAGER'] = 'true'
import celery
import settings
import app
from tornado_utils.http_test_client import TestClient, HTTPClientMixin
class DatabaseTestCaseMixin(object):
_once = False
def setup_connection(self):
if not self._once:
self._once = True
assert 'test' in
def teardown_connection(self):
def _emptyCollections(self):
[self.db.drop_collection(x) for x
in self.db.collection_names()
if x not in ('system.indexes',)]
class BaseAsyncTestCase(AsyncHTTPTestCase, DatabaseTestCaseMixin):
def setUp(self):
super(BaseAsyncTestCase, self).setUp()
def tearDown(self):
super(BaseAsyncTestCase, self).tearDown()
class BaseHTTPTestCase(BaseAsyncTestCase, HTTPClientMixin):
def setUp(self):
super(BaseHTTPTestCase, self).setUp()
self._app.settings['email_backend'] = \
self._app.settings['email_exceptions'] = False
self.client = TestClient(self)
celery.conf.ALWAYS_EAGER = True
settings.DATABASE_NAME = 'test'
def tearDown(self):
super(BaseHTTPTestCase, self).tearDown()
def get_app(self):
return app.Application(database_name='test')
def redis(self):
return self.get_app().redis
def db(self):
return self.get_app().db
def decode_cookie_value(self, key, cookie_value):
return re.findall('%s=([\w=\|]+);' % key, cookie_value)[0]
except IndexError:
raise ValueError("couldn't find %r in %r" % (key, cookie_value))
def reverse_url(self, *args, **kwargs):
return self._app.reverse_url(*args, **kwargs)
## these two are shamelessly copied from tornado.web.RequestHandler
## because in the _login() we have no access to a request and
## we need to be able to set a cookie
def create_signed_value(self, name, value):
"""Signs and timestamps a string so it cannot be forged.
Normally used via set_secure_cookie, but provided as a separate
method for non-cookie uses. To decode a value not stored
as a cookie use the optional value argument to get_secure_cookie.
timestamp = str(int(time.time()))
value = base64.b64encode(value)
signature = self._cookie_signature(name, value, timestamp)
value = "|".join([value, timestamp, signature])
return value
def _cookie_signature(self, *parts):
hash =["cookie_secret"],
for part in parts: hash.update(part)
return hash.hexdigest()
def _get_html_attributes(self, tag, html):
_elem_regex = re.compile('<%s (.*?)>' % tag, re.M | re.DOTALL)
_attrs_regex = re.compile('(\w+)="([^"]+)"')
all_attrs = []
for input in _elem_regex.findall(html):
return all_attrs