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Pootle Credits
See the README file for an explanation of what Pootle is. See the ChangeLog (or
svn history) for more detailed credits. These are people who have contributed
documentation or code, but bug reports are also a valuable contribution! Many
people have contributed suggestions etc on the translate-pootle list and these
are also appreciated. Thank you for the many translators who translated the
Pootle interface. If you've been left out, let us know!
Alphabetical Order of Contributors
Ahmed Toulan (أحمد طولون) (OpenCraft): development
Alaa Abd El Fataah (علاء عبد الفتاح): development
Abel Cheung (張國冠): feedback and patches for Chinese and CJK locales
Andreas Pauley: development
Behnam Esfahbod (بهنام اسفهبد): initial RTL testing and feedback
Capel Brunker: development
Charl van Niekerk: user interface improvements and testing
Clytie Siddall: testing and feedback
David Fraser: main initial development
Daniel Schafer (Mozilla): development (Mozootle)
Djihed Afifi (عفيفي جهاد): user interface improvements
Dwayne Bailey: lots of different areas
Friedel Wolff: development
Gasper Zejn: user interface improvements
Julen Ruiz Aizpuru: GSoC 2008, development
Lars Kruse: improvements in several areas, testing, bug reports, patches
Lucas Vieites: original Pootle SVG logo
Matt Chisholm: bug fixes
Miklos Vajna: patches and testing of version control
Mohamed El-Sawy (محمد الصاوي) (OpenCraft): development
Munzir Taha (منذر طه): initial RTL testing and feedback
Nicolas François: Performance and customisability
Sayamindu Dasgupta (সায়মিন্দু দাশগুপ্ত): Alternative source language
Simos Xenitellis (Σίμος Ξενιτέλλης): user interface improvements
Walter Leibbrandt: development
Wil Clouser (Mozilla): debugging, testing, development (Mozootle)
Wynand Winterbach: development
Youssef Chahibi (يوسف الشهيبي): initial RTL testing and feedback