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Pootle usually requires the latest Translate Toolkit package:
Note all the optional dependencies of the Translate Toolkit for optimal
performance and functionality in Pootle.
Python version 2.4 or later is required.
Pootle requires Django (at least version 1.1)
Django applications can run under Apache using mod_python or mod_wsgi,
but they're also bundled with a standalone webserver that can be run
from the command line. Pootle works well on all Django deployment
scenarios. The standalone server is the easiest to set up and
get running, whereas Apache will give the best performance.
To run Pootle you need to have Django installed properly
tar xzvf Django-1.2.1-final.tar.gz
cd Django-1.2.1-final
sudo python install
you can also install Django using easy_install
easy_install django
The commandline utilities "zip" and "unzip" can speed up handling of ZIP files.
For integration with a version control system, the relevant version control
command line client must be installed and accessible from the PATH.
Installation of an indexing engine (PyLucene or Xapian) is optional, but helps
to speed up searching. Note that Xapian before version 1.0.13 is incompatible
with Apache, and Pootle will not enable Xapian indexing if running under
mod_python or mod_wsgi with problematic versions. Ensure that xapian-check is
installed if you want to use Xapian to allow Pootle to check if it is safe to
use it.
Further information might be displayed on the admin page if Pootle detects
anything non-optimal. More information on optimisation and optional software:
Pootle works perfectly directly from the source files without installation.
Extract Pootle's source code, then change directory to inside the
Pootle dir
tar xvf Pootle-......tar.gz
cd Pootle-.......
If you want to install Pootle into your system, run
python install
For installation under apache, see this page:
and check the notes below about manually preparing your database.