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The Out-of-Distribution Problem in Explainability and Search Methods for Feature Importance Explanations

This is the repository for the paper here, including code for measuring OOD-ness of explanation counterfactuals and several new search methods for identifying explanations.

First we give a demo of Parallel Local Search, and then we describe steps for replicating experimental results.


Experiment scripts in the folders here have different requirements. After installing PyTorch, use the requirements.txt files in each for the corresponding experiments. For the demo below, you can first run pip install -r OOD_analysis/requirements.txt.

Parallel Local Search Demo

Parallel Local Search is the best explanation method we test, as per the Sufficiency and Comprehensiveness metrics. We give a demo for an NLI model, using SNLI dev points. Note that the model used in this demo is not a Counterfactual-Trained model, which is what we ultimately recommend using when creating feature importance explanations.

The demo script can be run on a GPU with device ID 0 with the following command:

python --device 0 --num_search 1000 --objective suff --explanation_sparsity .2

where --num_search specifies the compute budget in terms of forward passes, --objective specifies either the Sufficiency (suff) or Comprehensivess (comp) explanation objectives, and --explanation_sparsity determines the proportion of tokens kept in the explanation. On an NVIDIA RTX 2080, the output of this script is:

NOTE: the current Replace(x,e) function is the Attention Mask function
This function uses the binary explanation e as the attention mask over tokens
Blanks (like this: __) in the output of this script represent 0s in the input attention mask
Actual words in the script output are seen by the model
Loading model...
Searching for explanation for point 0...took 2.23 seconds!
Model input:  <s>A dog swims in a pool.</s></s>A puppy is swiming.</s>
Explanation:   __ __ swim __ __ __ __ __ __ puppy __ swim __ __
Model predicts neutral with pred prob: 0.937 | Pred prob for explanation: 0.969 | suff: -3.11 points
Input label: neutral

Searching for explanation for point 1...took 5.33 seconds!
Model input:  <s>A man on a beach chopping coconuts with machete.</s></s>A man is outdoors</s>
Explanation:   __ man __ __ beach __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __A man __ __
Model predicts entailment with pred prob: 0.972 | Pred prob for explanation: 0.978 | suff: -0.59 points
Input label: entailment

Searching for explanation for point 2...took 5.20 seconds!
Model input:  <s>Young people sit on the rocks beside their recreational vehicle.</s></s>A group of senior citizens sit by their RV.</s>
Explanation:  Young people __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ of senior citizens __ __ __ __ __
Model predicts contradiction with pred prob: 0.916 | Pred prob for explanation: 1.000 | suff: -8.34 points
Input label: contradiction

Searching for explanation for point 3...took 5.55 seconds!
Model input:  <s>After playing with her other toys, the baby decides that the guitar seems fun to play with as well.</s></s>A blonde baby.</s>
Explanation:  After __ __ __ other __, __ __ decides __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ blonde __ __
Model predicts neutral with pred prob: 0.994 | Pred prob for explanation: 0.998 | suff: -0.43 points
Input label: neutral

Searching for explanation for point 4...took 5.52 seconds!
Model input:  <s>A teenage girl in winter clothes slides down a decline in a red sled.</s></s>A girl is by herself on a sled.</s>
Explanation:   __ teenage girl __ __ __ slides __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __A girl __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Model predicts neutral with pred prob: 0.844 | Pred prob for explanation: 0.982 | suff: -13.81 points
Input label: entailment

Try with --objective comp --explanation_sparsity .8 to see what tokens are removed in order to decrease the model confidence in its original prediction.

Counterfactual OOD-ness Experiments

Before running any experiments, set the default --save_dir and --cache_dir arguments in All experiments are managed via the script. See the local variables data, model, masking_style, sparsity, and source_sparsity for experimental conditions.

To train 10 Standard models on device GPU, run

python --gpu GPU --experiment baseline --seeds 10

To train 10 Counterfactual-Trained models, run

python --gpu GPU --experiment joint_baseline --seeds 10

See training reports for these models in training_reports

We save the predictions on ablated inputs, i.e. inputs given by Replace(x,e), in the result_sheets folder by running

python --gpu GPU --experiment masked --seeds 10


python --gpu GPU --experiment joint_masked --seeds 10

Plots of the results are then made within the R markdown file, make_plots/analysis_OOD.Rmd. Move the data from result_sheets here or edit the filepaths appropriately.

Explanation Experiments

src/scripts includes scripts for:

  • Training models, including with Counterfactual Training
  • Explanation experiments, for the following methods:
    • LIME
    • Vanilla Gradient
    • Integrated Gradients
    • Random Search
    • Exhaustive Search
    • Gradient Search
    • Taylor Search
    • Ordered Search
    • Parallel Local Search

Experiments are run across seeds, datasets, and Standard/Counterfactual-Trained models with

First, task models must be trained. To train 10 models, run

python --gpu GPU --experiment task_model --seeds 10

The experiments condition is controlled by local variables model, data, and masking (0 for Standard, 1 for Counterfactual-Trained).

For evaluating the explanations methods, you can for example run the experiment with a budget of 1000 forward passes for Parallel Local Search with

python --gpu GPU --experiment parallel_local_search --seeds 10

See scripts for the other methods in src/scripts. All data is included in this repository except for SNLI; download esnli_flat from ERASER.

To compute CIs and hypohesis tests for all of the evaluation results, run


which will save the results in data. See the local variables methods, datasets, and model for controlling what settings are tested. For plotting the search trajectories over time, move the *_all_trajectories.csv files from outputs to make_plots and use analysis_search.Rmd.


Code for paper "Search Methods for Sufficient, Socially-Aligned Feature Importance Explanations with In-Distribution Counterfactuals"







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