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package diskv
import (
// Index is a generic interface for things that can
// provide an ordered list of keys.
type Index interface {
Initialize(less LessFunction, keys <-chan string)
Insert(key string)
Delete(key string)
Keys(from string, n int) []string
// LessFunction is used to initialize an Index of keys in a specific order.
type LessFunction func(string, string) bool
// btreeString is a custom data type that satisfies the BTree Less interface,
// making the strings it wraps sortable by the BTree package.
type btreeString struct {
s string
l LessFunction
// Less satisfies the BTree.Less interface using the btreeString's LessFunction.
func (s btreeString) Less(i btree.Item) bool {
return s.l(s.s, i.(btreeString).s)
// BTreeIndex is an implementation of the Index interface using google/btree.
type BTreeIndex struct {
// Initialize populates the BTree tree with data from the keys channel,
// according to the passed less function. It's destructive to the BTreeIndex.
func (i *BTreeIndex) Initialize(less LessFunction, keys <-chan string) {
defer i.Unlock()
i.LessFunction = less
i.BTree = rebuild(less, keys)
// Insert inserts the given key (only) into the BTree tree.
func (i *BTreeIndex) Insert(key string) {
defer i.Unlock()
if i.BTree == nil || i.LessFunction == nil {
panic("uninitialized index")
i.BTree.ReplaceOrInsert(btreeString{s: key, l: i.LessFunction})
// Delete removes the given key (only) from the BTree tree.
func (i *BTreeIndex) Delete(key string) {
defer i.Unlock()
if i.BTree == nil || i.LessFunction == nil {
panic("uninitialized index")
i.BTree.Delete(btreeString{s: key, l: i.LessFunction})
// Keys yields a maximum of n keys in order. If the passed 'from' key is empty,
// Keys will return the first n keys. If the passed 'from' key is non-empty, the
// first key in the returned slice will be the key that immediately follows the
// passed key, in key order.
func (i *BTreeIndex) Keys(from string, n int) []string {
defer i.RUnlock()
if i.BTree == nil || i.LessFunction == nil {
panic("uninitialized index")
if i.BTree.Len() <= 0 {
return []string{}
btreeFrom := btreeString{s: from, l: i.LessFunction}
skipFirst := true
if len(from) <= 0 || !i.BTree.Has(btreeFrom) {
// no such key, so fabricate an always-smallest item
btreeFrom = btreeString{s: "", l: func(string, string) bool { return true }}
skipFirst = false
keys := []string{}
iterator := func(i btree.Item) bool {
keys = append(keys, i.(btreeString).s)
return len(keys) < n
i.BTree.AscendGreaterOrEqual(btreeFrom, iterator)
if skipFirst && len(keys) > 0 {
keys = keys[1:]
return keys
// rebuildIndex does the work of regenerating the index
// with the given keys.
func rebuild(less LessFunction, keys <-chan string) *btree.BTree {
tree := btree.New(2)
for key := range keys {
tree.ReplaceOrInsert(btreeString{s: key, l: less})
return tree
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