Get to Graphite: publish Go expvars to a Graphite server
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Get to Graphite: publish Go expvars to a Graphite server.

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See also g2s: Get to Statsd, to emit statistics to a Statsd server.


The assumption is that the information you want to get into Graphite is already an expvar in your Go program. So, if that's not the case, register yourself some expvars. (It's not necessary to boot up an HTTP server if you don't want one.) For example,

var (
	loadedRecords = expvar.NewInt("records loaded into the player")

func LoadThemAll() {
	a := getSomeRecords()
	for _, x := range a {
	go loadedRecords.Add(int64(len(a)))

Now, at whatever scope makes sense (probably in your main function), create a Graphite object, and Register your variables.

func main() {

	// ...

	interval := 30 * time.Second
	timeout := 3 * time.Second
	g := g2g.NewGraphite("graphite-server:2003", interval, timeout)
	g.Register("foo.service.records.loaded", loadedRecords)

	// ...

Now, every interval time-period, all Registered expvars will be published to the Graphite server.

Operations on the Graphite structure are goroutine-safe.