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#include "OpenCV.h"
class VideoCaptureWrap: public Nan::ObjectWrap {
cv::VideoCapture cap;
static Nan::Persistent<FunctionTemplate> constructor;
static void Init(Local<Object> target);
static NAN_METHOD(New);
VideoCaptureWrap(const std::string& filename);
VideoCaptureWrap(int device);
static NAN_METHOD(Read);
static NAN_METHOD(ReadSync);
static NAN_METHOD(Grab);
static NAN_METHOD(Retrieve);
// (Optional) For setting width and height of the input video stream
static NAN_METHOD(SetWidth);
static NAN_METHOD(SetHeight);
// to set frame position
static NAN_METHOD(SetPosition);
static NAN_METHOD(GetFrameCount);
static NAN_METHOD(GetFrameAt);
//close the stream
static NAN_METHOD(Close);