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wishlist: Camshift #22

bkw opened this Issue · 4 comments

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By no means an issue with this fine library, just a humble plea: Support for Camshift would be super awesome! It's the perfect companion for the cascade classifier:

Anyways, thanks for this fantastic effort, I had quite some fun with it already. Keep up the good work!

@peterbraden peterbraden referenced this issue from a commit
@peterbraden WIP on camshift re #22 - Got a working example but still unreliable
This is a combination of 4 commits.
WIP on camshift - need to focus the histogram on the ROI

Weird fringing issue, but otherwise tracking objects successfully

motion track example

WIP on camshift

WIP on camshift - have a smoke example, but bad results are coming back.

A basic version of this is now in master.


omg! you're a machine! I hope to find the time to play with this soon. Thanks!

bkw commented

Thanks again for doing this, your example works great!

Funny though, when I change examples/motion-track.js to use this movie here with a (detected face) region of [ 642, 225, 870, 453 ], already the first tracked rectangle is much bigger, and it gets worse with every frame.

I compared your to the Opencv example and could not spot any obvious differences. I also used the same commandline to convert the movie as examples/

Any idea what is going on?


Was curious the progress on this, wanting to do something similar with this.


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