Scripts for locally hosting and searching a compressed StackOverflow data dump
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StackOverflow Local
Peter Burkimsher

This collection of scripts allows the StackOverflow data dump to be rapidly accessed while offline. 

-- About --
The data dump is compressed to only 2.09 GB, plus 230.5 MB for titles. 
Search time is about 8 seconds. 
Post reading time is about 6 seconds. 

-- Installing --
I recommend not running ./ as normal! It will be very slow. 
Instead, open three Terminal windows and run the commands inside in parallel. 

-- Requirements --
You'll need cc to compile isQaId for setup. 
At runtime, you'll need a web server, PHP, Python, and bzip2recover. 

-- Developers --
You can run the scripts without the web server.
1. ./ "your search here"
(returns the IDs and titles, separated by a > character)
2. ./ 1234567
(returns the post, in compressed form)

The compressed format of the database is delimited by < and > characters as follows:
<<Post ID<>Answer Id><Body>>

For reference, the original StackOverflow database is 4.6 GB. 
It's compressed by only keeping the accepted answer for each question, and cutting out a lot of the XML. 
Searching for all answers to a question takes 30 minutes of search time per question, which is too slow. 

Using dd instead of is possible, but post reading time increases to 30 seconds.