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1 parent fd49f99 commit eebdaa978f49497afd46216cb652457a5b658ac2 @lasseebert lasseebert committed Nov 4, 2013
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  1. BIN lang/danish.lang
  2. +5 −1 test/test_whatlanguage.rb
  3. +213,401 −0 wordlists/danish
BIN lang/danish.lang
Binary file not shown.
6 test/test_whatlanguage.rb
@@ -79,6 +79,10 @@ def test_spanish
def test_swedish
assert_equal :swedish, @wl.language("Vilket språk är detta?")
+ def test_danish
+ assert_equal :danish, @wl.language("Dansk er et nord-germansk sprog af den østnordiske (kontinentale) gruppe, der tales af ca. seks millioner mennesker.")
+ end
def test_nothing
assert_nil @wl.language("")
@@ -110,4 +114,4 @@ def test_language_selection_mixed
selective_wl =, :all, :english)
assert_equal :russian, selective_wl.language("Все новости в хронологическом порядке")
213,401 wordlists/danish
213,401 additions, 0 deletions not shown because the diff is too large. Please use a local Git client to view these changes.

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