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WordPres Laravel Integration

WordPress efficiency starts here. Integrate Laravel, migrate, launch, or clone WordPress sites in minutes.

WordPress Pete is a local and production server environment that can be installed in macOS, Windows and Linux with just a few clicks.

Migrating, launching, integrating, or cloning a WordPress site has never been easier.

WordPress + Laravel

Imagine powering the front end of your website in WordPress while managing content, payments, subscriptions, advanced tools, and custom dashboard in the powerful MVC framework Laravel (5.5+,6,7,8) Picture being able to deploy this robust development environment in just a few clicks — with the portability that you need to deploy across multiple servers. It’s here and it’s called WordPress Pete.


Install WordPres Pete on MacOs

Install WordPres Pete on Windows

Install WordPres Pete on Google Cloud

Install WordPres Pete on Linode Cloud

Install WordPress Pete on Ubuntu VPS


Yes, WordPress Pete is the best in some tasks! and can save you tons of time

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Redirect a domain to a WordPress Pete installation