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Scheme Libraries

Some libraries written for, or converted to run in, R7RS Scheme.

Documentation at

Tested against:

The libraries require R7RS-large, RedEdition.
Currently, only Sagittarius comes with support for these libraries. See r7rs-large for a complete implementation for the other Scheme implementations mentioned above.


A repackaging of an R6RS implementation by Jeffrey Mark Siskind for automatic differentiation:

  • AD is the automatic-differentiation package itself

  • The remaining libraries do not work with Kawa:

    • due to an implementation restriction: continuations can only be used once
    • compiled 'reduced-gradient' fails


A repackaging of files from the Natural Language ToolKit:

  • dfsa
  • lang-en
  • lang-hr
  • n-grams
  • sequence
  • vectorspace

(not cgi, as required R6RS libraries not present)


A repackaging of Purely Functional Data Structures, originally written for R6RS Scheme:

  • bounded-balance-tree
  • deque
  • difference-list
  • fector - from
  • fingertree
  • hash-array-mapped-trie
  • heap
  • priority-search-queue
  • queue
  • sequence
  • set

And, to support implementation:

  • alist
  • lazy-list
  • list-helpers
  • vector


Some R6RS libraries used to support other libraries. These are taken from

  • base
  • bytevectors
  • fixnums


Some smaller libraries, containing a single or few files, ported from various sources:

  • cl-pdf - Port of a Common Lisp library for writing PDF files
  • cl-pdf-utils
  • json - Takashi Kato's libraries for working with JSON
  • json-parser
  • json-select
    • The above two libraries do not load into Gauche 0.9.5 (fixed in master)
  • json-tools
  • packrat - Tony Garnock-Jones' Packrat Parser Library
  • pregexp - Dorai Sitaram's Portable regular expressions for Scheme
  • pstk - Uses 'tclsh' to create graphical interfaces/programs
    • Currently supports Chibi, Gauche and Sagittarius
    • Chibi and Gauche rely on calling /bin/sh, so are Linux(?) only
    • Sagittarius tested on Linux and Windows
  • pstk-plotchart - requires 'tklib'
  • quaternion - Dorai Sitaram's quaternion numbers
  • schelog - Dorai Sitaram's logic-style programming in Scheme
    • not working on Kawa (due to call/cc)


A set of libraries written for R7RS Scheme:

  • abbrev - creates a set of unambiguous abbreviations for strings (based on Ruby's Abbrev class)
  • constants - some commonly used mathematical or scientific numbers
  • directory - portable directory-handling functions
    • change-directory not working on Kawa and Larceny
  • disjoint-set - data structure to hold sets of items in disjoint sets
  • logger - a logging framework (based on Ruby's Logger class)
  • series - a mostly complete (though inefficient) version of Richard Waters' Lisp Series package
  • srfi64-utils - some helper functions for SRFI 64 testing
    • test-compare is exported from (srfi 64) by Sagittarius, and is similar
  • statistics - some descriptive statistical functions
  • text - formatting, similarity measures etc for text data


SLIB is a long-established library containing around 30,000 lines of Scheme code, working with many Scheme implementations.

This project aims to package as much of SLIB as possible into R7RS libraries, and ensure it works on several R7RS implementations.

All libraries are imported as (import (slib NAME)) in place of (require 'NAME). Function/variable names are preserved in most cases: documentation is available at

Version ported: 3b5

Main changes are:

  • (slib common) created to hold generally used definitions
  • code uses SRFIs where possible
  • defmacro not included
  • parameters wrap exported variables
  • slib:error replaced by error, to reduce library dependencies
  • (srfi 59) for vicinities has been removed:
    • added function pathname->dirname to (slib directory) to replace pathname->vicinity

The following list of packages reflects the contents page of the slib documentation, and gives some notes on any changes or choices made:

1: The Library System

(replaced with R7RS library system)

2: Universal SLIB Procedures

  • vicinity: use (srfi 59)

Functions in configuration, input/output, system and miscellany are either no longer needed (e.g. much of input/output is now present in R7RS) or have been moved, as required, into (slib common).

3: Scheme Syntax Extension Packages

(These mostly appear to be included in R7RS Scheme or SRFIs.)

  • yasos

4: Textual Conversion Packages

  • precedence-parse
  • format
    • format:symbol-case-conv format:iobj-case-conv format:max-iterations format:iteration-bounded available as parameters
    • three test cases fail (a known issue in this implementation)
    • alternatively use (srfi 28)
    • Larceny 0.99 often cycles with "Unhandled condition" errors when using format (though tests all pass and some examples work fine)
  • printf
  • scanf
    • Note: scanf, fscanf and sscanf removed (as no define-macro)
    • Additionally exports scanf-read-values
  • getopt
    • provided option-index/option-arg/option-name as parameters to access values
  • comparse
  • paramlst
  • getparam
  • html-form
  • db->html
  • http
    • http:byline exported as a parameter object
  • html-for-each
  • uri
  • xml-parse
  • generic-write
  • object->string
  • pretty-print
  • pprint-file
  • time-core
  • time-zone
  • posix-time
  • common-lisp-time
  • tzfile
  • ncbi-dna
  • schmooz

5: Mathematical libraries

  • logical: use (srfi 151)
  • modular
  • math-integer
  • math-real
  • factor
    • prime:trials exported as a parameter
  • random: use (srfi 27)
  • random-inexact
  • dft
  • crc
  • charplot
    • provides (charplot:dimensions) as a parameter to get/change dimensions
  • eps-graph
  • solid
  • color
  • color-names
  • color-space
  • daylight
  • root
  • minimize
  • limit
  • commutative-ring
  • determinant

6: Database Packages

  • relational-database
  • database
  • database-interpolate
  • database-commands
  • within-database
    • without the macro support
  • database-browse
  • wt-tree

7: Other Packages

7.1: Data Structures

  • arrays: use (srfi 63)
  • subarray
  • array-for-each
  • array-interpolate
  • alist
  • byte
  • byte-number
    • extreme values fail, particularly on Chibi and Larceny
  • pnm
  • collect
  • dynamic
  • object
  • priority-queue
  • queue
  • records: provided by R7RS

7.2: Sorting and Searching

  • common-list-functions: use (scheme list)
  • tree
  • chapter-order
  • sort: use (scheme sort)
  • topological-sort
  • hash-table: use (scheme hash-table)
  • hash: or use (scheme comparator)
  • space-filling
  • hilbert-fill
  • peano-fill
  • sierpinski
  • soundex
  • string-search
  • diff (sequence comparison)

7.3: Procedures

  • coerce
  • string-case
  • metric-units

7.4: Standards Support

  • rev2-procedures (some procedures from R2RS)

7.6: Systems Interface

  • directory

(Remainder mostly in R7RS already: some added to (slib common) if necessary.)


A few SRFIs are provided here. These fill gaps in those SRFIs provided by some implementations and support the remaining libraries. The implementation-specific SRFIs are organised in the 'srfis' folder, by implementation, including:

  • srfi 27 for Kawa only: A wrapper around the JVM's Random class.
  • srfi 64 for Gauche and Chibi

The 'srfi' folder contains SRFIs for all R7RS implementations:

  • srfi 2 and-let*
  • srfi 8 receive
  • srfi 26 cut
  • srfi 31 rec for recursive evaluation
  • srfi 42 Eager Comprehensions (lightly modified reference implementation)
  • srfi 63 SLIB's array.scm implemented as a srfi library
  • srfi 141 Integer division
    • floor/ and truncate/ operations already part of R7RS
  • srfi 151 Bitwise Operations (reference implementation tailored to R7RS implementations) - anticipating its acceptance in place of srfi 142

Weinholt (partial)

Repackaging of R6RS compression/cryptography libraries from

  • adler-32
  • arcfour
  • bitstream
  • blowfish
    • Tests fail on Kawa, pass on rest
  • bytevector
  • des
  • dh
  • elliptic-curve
  • entropy
  • hmac
  • lzma
  • maths
  • md5
  • sha-1
  • sha-2
  • sliding-buffer
  • strings

(Chibi and Larceny run particularly slow when testing these libraries.)

The net packages are not converted, due to lack of portable libraries.

The following packages contain syntax-case and need extra work to convert: aes.sls, crc.sls, huffman.sls, pack.sls

which also affects: otr.sls; gzip.sls, inflate.sls, xz.sls, zip.sls; lzma2.sls, zlib.sls, openpgp.sls, ssh-public-key.sls, uuid.sls, x509.sls, buffer.sls, dns.sls, otr.sls, ssh.sls, tls.sls, internet.sls