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Python wrappers for Raspberry Pi hardware 3d acceleration
C Python
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Raspberry Pi 3d demo.

This uses the EGL and OpenGLES libraries to draw 3d graphics from inside Python with hardware acceleration.


EXAMPLE A) Draw a Mandelbrot.  Use mouse to scroll and view Julia sets.  Press mouse button to quit.

python -i
Press ctrl-D to quit Python and close the display

(If nothing appears on the screen make sure you have at least 64megabytes allocated for the GPU.)

EXAMPLE B) Use standard OpenGLES commands

from pyopengles import *
egl = EGL()
# Normal OpenGLES commands
opengles.glClearColor ( eglfloat(0.0), eglfloat(1.0), eglfloat(1.0), eglfloat(1.0) );
# Send this to make the graphics drawn visible
openegl.eglSwapBuffers(egl.display, egl.surface)

EXAMPLE C) Draw a rotating coloured cone on the screen.  Press mouse button to quit.

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