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FastSettingsSwitch R# 6.1 plugin

New in ReSharper 6.1 is the 'Manage Options' which allows settings profiles to
be imported/exported.  This plugin provides (currently) menu items which 
import settings form a .DotSettings file.

Although I personally reckon the plugin, as it stands, is 'safe', I cannot be
held responsible for any damage, real or imaginary, that occurs as a result of
using the plugin.

Visual Studio
ReSharper 6.1
ReSharper SDK (

Usage, build, deploy
Menu items for switching profiles are currently hardcoded classes.  I have two
profiles, 'HowSimple' (for one project) and 'Personal' (for others).  These are
contained in two classes, in HowSimpleSettingsAction.cs and 
PersonalSettingsAction.cs, respectively.  They derive from the abstract class
SwitchSettingsAction which does all of the heavy work.  Simply point the 
overridden SettingsFilePath property in these subclasses to the location of 
your .DotSettings files.

To add a new profile, simply create a new class that derives from
SwitchSettingsAction and add a new menu item in Actions.xml.

To build, simply build from Visual Studio.

To deploy, copy Release\FastSettingsSwitch.dll to:
<ReSharper Install Dir>\Bin\Plugins\FastSettingsSwitch\FastSettingsSwitch.dll

More info on deployment can be found here:

R# 6.1 SDK documentation can be found here:

Autogenerated Stuff
To add functionality to your plug-in, use the Add|New Item... menu.

To debug your plug-in, simply make sure it is selected as the start-up
project and press F5.
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