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email address type for PostgreSQL
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emailaddr type for PostgreSQL

This is an extension for PostgreSQL that provides a type emailaddr for storing email addresses.


To build and install this module:

make install

or selecting a specific PostgreSQL installation:

make PG_CONFIG=/some/where/bin/pg_config
make PG_CONFIG=/some/where/bin/pg_config install

And finally inside the database:



This module provides a data type emailaddr that you can use like a normal type. For example:

CREATE TABLE accounts (
    id int PRIMARY KEY,
    name text,
    email emailaddr

INSERT INTO accounts VALUES (1, 'Peter Eisentraut', '');

The accepted addresses correspond approximately to the addr-spec production in RFC 5322 (so it's of the type, but not "Some Name" <>).

Request for feedback

Let me now what other functionality you wish to see in an email address type.

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