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🚮 PostgreSQL Trash Can 🚮

This is a PostgreSQL plugin that implements a trash can/wastebasket/rubbish bin/recycling container. This allows desktop-minded users to drop tables willy-nilly while giving them the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that their data is still there. Now they only need to think of "vacuum" as "disk defragmentation", and they'll feel right at home.


This plugin supports PostgreSQL 9.0 and later.

To build and install it, run:

make install

You can choose a different PostgreSQL installation in the usual way:

make PG_CONFIG=/else/where/pg_config
make install PG_CONFIG=/else/where/pg_config

To activate the module, add the following setting to postgresql.conf:

shared_preload_libraries = 'pgtrashcan'

This requires a server restart.

Alternatively, the module can also be loaded by local_preload_libraries if appropriate preparations are made.

In PostgreSQL 9.4 or later, session_preload_libraries can also be used.


Whenever a DROP TABLE command is executed, it will actually only move the table to a schema named "Trash". To actually delete the table permanently, either drop again it from the Trash schema, or drop the Trash schema altogether (it will be recreated as needed). Note that only tables are covered; other objects will be dropped normally.

Note: In case it isn't obvious, this whole thing is a bit silly, but it works, so go for it.