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Copyright 2009 Peter Eddy (


Clouchdb is a simple Common Lisp wrapper for the CouchDb document
database server API. Please see for information
about that software. With Clouchdb you can manage CouchDb databases,
documents contained in those databases, and views which are CouchDb's
method for querying documents. It is hoped that Clouchdb's API methods
will provide a more convenient API for Lisp programmers than CouchDb's
native REST API.

Full documentation for ClouchDb can be found at


Clouchdb is written in generic lisp code and should run in most lisp
implementations. It relies on the Parenscript and Drakma libraries
(and their dependencies). The included clouchdb-tests package also
relies on the Stefil unit test framework.

Supported Platforms

ClouchDb is developed and tested with the following software:


- version 1.1.1. 


- Linux (Fedora 16, 64 bit)
- OSX Lion

Lisp Implementations:

- SBCL (version 1.0.51-1)
- Clozure CL (version 1.7)


By far the easiest way to install this library is via the wonderful
Quicklisp tool by Zach Beane:

  (ql:quickload "clouchdb")

You can find Quicklisp at

You should also be able to use ASDF-INSTALL to install Clouchdb:

  (asdf-install:install '#:clouchdb)

And ASDF to load the library:

  (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op '#:clouchdb)

  Or, with SBCL use:

  (require 'clouchdb)