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Org export engine for Jekyll on Markdown
Emacs Lisp
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Org Export Engine for Jekyll on Markdown

This is a simple org export engine for Jekyll Markdown, built on top of ox-md.

This is a fork of @gonsie/ox-jekyll-md, incorporating some changes based on @larstvei/ox-gfm and @kaushalmodi/ox-hugo.

See my blog post for more details.


To use, install directly from github, by doing

cd ~/.emacs.d/lisp
git clone

and then in your .emacs add

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/lisp/ox-jekyll-lite/")
(require 'ox-jekyll-lite)
(setq org-jekyll-project-root "~/code/jekyll/my-jekyll-site/")

Setting org-jekyll-project-root allows for file links to be exported treating the Jekyll root directory as the root of the filepath (see below).


ox-jekyll-lite is designed to work with a single Jekyll project, and with one .org file per post. To use, write a post in org mode. The filename should follow the usual jekyll convention, so this one might be called

#+TITLE: My Cool Post
#+SUBTITLE: This will be the excerpt.
#+DATE: 2019-09-24

#+STARTUP: showall indent
#+OPTIONS: toc:nil 
#+OPTIONS: tex:t

Get ready for some cool posty stuff

 * Org Mode and the Meaning of Life

and then do C-c C-e j j, and the following will get written to

title: "My Cool Post"
excerpt: "This will be the excerpt."
date: 2019-09-24
- post
Get ready for some cool posty stuff

# Org Mode and the Meaning of Life

<!----- Footnotes ----->

Make sure to add *.org to your exclude list in _config.yaml, so that Jekyll doesn’t try to render the org files. If you render images (LaTex) in your org files, you’ll also want to add ltximg to your exclude list.


  • Translates latex delimiters in org into appropriate MathJax delimiters.
  • Exports footnotes in proper Markdown (not HTML), so that they play nice with Jekyll themes.
  • Files are linked relative to the Jekyll root directory, if possible (set org-jekyll-project-root)
  • Org links to images are rendered appropriately.

If you have file links in your .org file, ox-jekyll-lite will attempt to render them relative to the root directory of the jekyll project, so that the files resolve correctly when Jekyll generates your site. If the file is not under the Jekyll directory, then a warning message will be printed.

See the demo org file for more details on what things get rendered.

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