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SwiftUI Concurrency Essentials

An introduction to using Swift's new concurrency features in SwiftUI

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Articles and videos

The code in this repository accompanies a series of articles and videos that aim at providing a gentle introduction to Swift Concurrency in the context of SwiftUI.

Topic Article Video Code
Getting started with Swift Concurrency in SwiftUI link link WordBrowser
Using Task cancellation for more efficient UIs link link TaskCancellation
Fetching images asynchronously using AsyncImage
Running work in parallel with Swift Structured Concurrency
Using Firebase's asynchronous APIs with async/await
Refactoring and other tooling
Swift Concurrency and SwiftUI behind the scenes
The Future of Combine, or: Combining async/await and Combine link CombiningAsync


Contributions are welcome!

  • If you found a typo in an article or a bug in one of the samples, consider filing a bug report
  • Even better, consider fixing the bug and sending me a PR
  • If you've got suggestions for other things I should write/talk about, send me a feature request
  • Want to discuss w/ me and the other folks on this repository? Come on over to the discussions forum!


  • Xcode 13
  • Swift 5.6


Distributed under the Apache 2 License. See LICENSE for more information.