touch + memcahier + heroku == hang #312

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I don't know if this is a problem with memcachier or dalli, but calling touch() from a dalli client hangs when I am on heroku, but works fine on my dev machine with some local memcache system.

I am using heroku, with a sinatra/unicorn/dalli system. Right now in dev so on the free memcachier plan. see touch()

I don't know much more than that right now.
cache =
cache.touch(key, 1200) # hangs on heroku with memcachier

My workaround is simply to call cache.set(), since I have the value handy there seems to be little speed issues.


I got a reply from memcachier about this, they 'don't support touch'. Don't know if there is a way to catch that, or what you would do (exception?) if you did.


As an update, this has been fixed in MemCachier now - touch is now supported

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