Upgrading memcached-client to Dalli - legacy cached values aren't getting deserialized #314

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When Dalli attempts to load a cache key that was populated originally by MemcachedClient (Rails 3.2.9) - the value returns as a Marshalled ActiveSupport::Cache::Entry object and not the original cached items.

code for example:

@users = Rails.cache.fetch("users") do

Deleting the key, and repopulating using Dalli works as expected.


So it appears that this is the expected behavior by Dalli. Dalli will not deserialize a value that doesn't have the compression / serialization flags. Memcached-client does that anyway.
Found this to follow up my assumption http://rubydoc.info/github/mperham/dalli/Dalli/Client/MemcacheClientCompatibility but it seems to be missing from the current stable release, ideas?


Dalli 1.x made a point to consider backwards compatibility with m-c. 2.x has diverged from that a bit as I've added features and simplified some things (like the dalli_store implementation).

@mperham mperham closed this May 27, 2013
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