NotImplementedError: ActiveSupport::Cache::DalliStore does not support delete_matched #40

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mischa commented Nov 9, 2010

I'm getting this on Heroku when I try to update a record.

I'm calling in a model.

Any ideas on where I can start looking for how to solve this?

It works fine in development w/ caching turned on etc.


mperham commented Nov 9, 2010

memcached does not support enumerating or querying keys by pattern so there's no way for Dalli to implement it. You cannot use that functionality with memcached as your cache store, whether you use memcache-client or Dalli.

I suspect you aren't actually using Dalli in development mode or that caching is not truly enabled.

mischa commented Nov 9, 2010

Oh ok. Thanks!

This issue was closed.

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