If you see a setting, they blew it
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bitbar/.bitbar/plugins Remove music script from my bitbar Feb 7, 2017
bowtie/.bowtie/Oneline Helvetica Straight.bowTie Add Bowtie Feb 7, 2017
cactus/.config/cactus Better user CSS Sep 17, 2015
clean_nzbvortex/bin Add a script to clean up an app if it goes awry Mar 11, 2016
cmus/.config/cmus Add Music library to cmus on load Aug 8, 2015
compton/.config Add compton config Jan 6, 2019
dockutil/bin new dockutil version Dec 22, 2017
fish Fix function name for uinotify Nov 27, 2018
git For now, don't touch the merge tool Jan 23, 2017
goodbar Add small goodbar config Dec 12, 2018
hammerspoon/.hammerspoon Hide / show Safari when toggling Dark Mode Jan 5, 2019
home_control/bin Update submodules (and add support to update.sh for it) Sep 26, 2017
i3 Launch compositor when i3 launches Jan 5, 2019
karabiner/.config/karabiner Some karabiner progress Feb 6, 2018
linux_display/bin Add scripts for toggling between internal / external display Jan 9, 2019
media_control/bin/media_control Fix playpause to not output "lol", lol Jan 1, 2016
mutt A bit more mutt configuration Jan 2, 2016
newsboat/.newsboat Add newsboat config Jan 3, 2019
nvim Add new neovim config, fix up terminal Apr 11, 2018
play/bin Let the youtube script also search Dec 20, 2018
replace_icns/bin Added the MacVim icon Nov 12, 2014
slate Add an initial slate config Jun 1, 2014
startpage/.startpage Remove some sites I no longer go to Dec 12, 2018
status/bin/status Add status_weather, for getting the weather. Woohoo! May 15, 2016
stow Stow stow settings, also May 22, 2014
terminator/.config/terminator Add Terminator config Jan 5, 2019
tmux Turn on mouse mode in tmux Feb 23, 2017
video_transcoding_scripts/bin Update submodules (and add support to update.sh for it) Sep 26, 2017
vim Add autowrite to .vimrc Dec 12, 2018
x Add font for linux May 15, 2016
.gitignore Add newsboat config Jan 3, 2019
.gitmodules Added the home_control folder, along with my desklight tool for toggling Oct 15, 2015
Readme.md Better installation instructions Sep 19, 2014
dotfiles.bash Forgot the private.xml file I use in my previous commit. Make sure we Nov 9, 2014
linux_apt_get.bash Use `ag` as my finding program for CtrlP. Dec 22, 2016
linux_update.bash Add linux_apt_get, and a helpful note to osx_homebrew May 15, 2016
osx.bash Moved KeyRemap4Macbook settings to karabiner. Nov 9, 2014
osx_cask.bash Add Hammerspoon, Bartender Nov 18, 2018
osx_defaults.bash Stop killing processes Nov 14, 2017
osx_dock.bash Stop killing processes Nov 14, 2017
osx_homebrew.bash Add mpsyt to my homebrew installs Dec 15, 2018
osx_safari_extensions.bash Added a script to grab the Safari extensions I use. Still looking for a Jan 3, 2015
osx_update.bash Shut off brew analytics Feb 9, 2017
phajas.itermcolors Set up my terminal colors for iTerm Feb 6, 2018
phajas.terminal New terminal theme Jan 1, 2016
python_dependencies.sh Add python to one of the installed tools. Added `python_dependencies.sh` Nov 2, 2014
ruby_dependencies.sh Move to the new version of transcode-video Apr 10, 2017
shell_config.bash Added a way to switch the shell to fish Dec 8, 2014
todo.md Added todo.md, a todo list of all the things I want to do with my May 27, 2015
update.sh Update submodules (and add support to update.sh for it) Sep 26, 2017


phajas dotfiles

If you see a setting, they blew it

A "dotfile" is a configuration file for a computer program.

I have a bunch of these. They all live here.


  1. Clone this repository into your home directory:

     git clone https://github.com/peterhajas/dotfiles.git
  2. Go to the dotfiles directory:

     cd dotfiles
  3. Run update.sh. You may need to give it proper permissions:

     cd dotfiles
     chmod a+x update.sh
     sh update.sh

That's it! If you had any configuration files, stow should leave them alone and not stomp on them. If you'd like to uninstall specific apps, you can do so by running stow -D APPNAME in the dotfiles directory. To install them again, run stow APPNAME.

Questions? Comments? emacs? I'm @peterhajas.