Files used in my photography post processing workflow. Lightroom presets, etc.
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This repository contains files related to my photography post processing workflow. Note that the example images might have slight tweaks after the preset has been applied. YMMV.

My Lightroom presets

All of them have lens correction enabled.

X100 Bandhagen [Bright, Muted]

Really washed out colors, pale skin tones and split toned.

X100 Bandhagen Muted example + underexposed

X100 Enskede [Normal, Heavy]

Black and white, vignetting and pushed.

X100 Enskede Heavy example

X100 Gothenburg [Normal, Bright]

Intense reds and split toned.

X100 Gothenburg Normal example X100 Gothenburg Bright example

X100 Stockholm

Sharper than X100 Gothenburg, less vibrant but more clarity. (Might need some refinements)

X100 Stockholm example

X100 Tibro

Increased Recovery, Fill light and Contrast.

X100 Tibro example