TimelineFX Library for Bllitzmax
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TimelineFX Library for Blitzmax

TimelineFX is a system for creating particle effects within your games and applications. Also includes collision.mod for checking collisions between boxes, lines, circles and convex polygons, including a quadtree system for higher performance.

Big thanks to the following: Bruce Henderson (Brucey) for all the great modules, Garritt Grandberg (gman) for the zipengine module, Manel Ibáñez (Ziggy) for a great IDE, Doug Stastny for the DX9 module and Mark Sibly of course for everything Blitz.

For more help and tutorials that expand on the Docs below visit www.rigzsoft.co.uk. Also look in timelinefx.mod/doc/commands.html for a list of all commands. Includes full Blitzmax docs.

Requirements: In order to use TimelineFX you will also need to have the following modules installed:

LibXML mod: An excellent XML Library binded by Brucey ZipModule by GMan ZipStream Module by Koriolis for including incbinned effects files (optional)