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This document describes how to contribute to this repository. Pull requests containing bug fixes, updates, and extensions to the existing tools in this repository will be considered for inclusion.

To maximize the likelihood your contribution will be accepted, it is a good practice to file an issue first and discuss potential solution before proceeding with development.

How to Contribute

  • Make sure you have a GitHub account
  • Make sure you have git installed
  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Make the desired modifications - consider using a feature branch.
  • Make sure you have added the necessary tests for your changes and they pass. See TESTING for more information.
  • Open a pull request with these changes.

Coding style

Via the Travis continuous integration testing we enforce various style checks, including running flake8 on the Python code with this set of plugins:

$ pip install flake8 flake8-blind-except flake8-docstrings flake8-rst-docstrings

Additionally, we have adopted the command line tool black for the Python coding style - must this must be installed under Python 3, try:

$ pip install black


$ python3 -m pip install black

If you are using Python 3, then we also recommand:

$ pip install flake8-black

The reStructuredText markup is tested with restructuredtext-lint:

$ pip install restructuredtext-lint
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