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Commits on Apr 16, 2012
  1. @keithw
  2. @saurik @keithw

    Reverse the direction of the IO::Pty used for ssh.

    saurik authored keithw committed
    May address #114.
    May address #164.
  3. @keithw
  4. @keithw
  5. @keithw
  6. @kmcallister @keithw

    mosh-client: Return true for still_connecting if !network

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
        $ MOSH_KEY=foo ./mosh-client 60010
        Crypto exception: Key must be 22 letters long.
        Segmentation fault
    Closes #189.
  7. @keithw
  8. @keithw
  9. @keithw
  10. @keithw
  11. @EdSchouten @keithw

    Don't leak utmpx entries on shutdown.

    EdSchouten authored keithw committed
    As far as I know, for all implementations of libutempter, the
    utempter_remove_added_record() function depends on the file descriptor
    passed to utempter_add_record() to still be valid. The reason for this,
    is that this file descriptor is propagated to the setuid utility that is
    responsible for modifying utmpx.
    Modify the code to remove the utmpx entry before closing the
    pseudo-terminal master device. While there, simply use
    utempter_remove_record(), which takes the file descriptor explicitly.
    The advantage is that this prevents potential foot-shooting in the
    future. Visual inspection of the source code will make it more obvious
    that utempter depends on the file descriptor.
    Closes #179.
  12. @jpollack @keithw

    Add support for Cygwin, which has curses headers in /usr/include/ncurses

    jpollack authored keithw committed
    [keithw -- applied style change from kmcallister]
    Closes #181.
  13. @keithw
  14. @keithw

    Clarify usage statement.

    keithw authored
  15. @keithw
  16. @lexande @keithw

    scripts/mosh: Add --ssh flag

    lexande authored keithw committed
    Let users specify an ssh outside their PATH, or extra flags like -p or -i.
    Modify the usage message to describe this feature and hint at the
    semantic difference viz. --client=path\ to\ client vs --ssh="path\ to\
    Closes #53
    [ -- applied fixes per Anders Kaseorg]
  17. @kmcallister @keithw

    Fall back to naive built-in byte-swap routines

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
    EL5 lacks htobe64 and friends.  Using its byteswap.h requires an endianness
    check in our headers, which is fragile and compiler-dependent.  It's a fair
    amount of code [1], and is only useful on EL5.
    So instead, let's include a fallback implementation of these functions, and use
    it whenever we can't find the (now-)standard Linux or OS X routines.  The
    fallback is endianness-independent and should work on any platform.
    [1] rurban@da1a5ab
  18. @kmcallister @keithw Check that we can use O_CLOEXEC with pipe2().

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
    Needed for EL5.
    Based on:
  19. @keithw
  20. @keithw
  21. @keithw
  22. @keithw
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
  1. @keithw
  2. @kmcallister @keithw

    Don't use *_t for our own typedefs

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
    It's reserved by POSIX.
    (closes #158 pull request)
  3. @kmcallister @keithw

    Remove Boost dep for Fedora too

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
  4. @kmcallister @keithw

    Replace one find_if with a loop

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
    g++/libstdc++ 4.1.2 is unhappy with this use of bind2nd, possibly because the
    argument is a reference.  This is a problem for EL5.
  5. @kmcallister @keithw

    Remove Boost entirely

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
  6. @kmcallister @keithw
  7. @kmcallister @keithw
  8. @kmcallister @keithw

    Remove boost::lambda with for_each in

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
  9. @kmcallister @keithw
  10. @kmcallister @keithw

    Remove boost::lambda from

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
  11. @kmcallister @keithw

    Remove boost::lambda from

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
  12. @kmcallister @keithw

    Remove BOOST_AUTO from

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
  13. @kmcallister @keithw

    Remove BOOST_AUTO from

    kmcallister authored keithw committed
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