A dockerized, queued high fidelity web archiver based on Squidwarc
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A dockerized queued high fidelity web archiver based on Squidwarc (Chrome headless), RabbitMQ and a small web frontend. Using the scripting abilities of Squidwarc, you can add scripts that should be run for a specific crawl (e.g. src-set enrichment, comment expansion etc).

screenshot of Warcworker


Copy .env_example to .env. Update information in .env.

Start with docker-compose up -d --scale worker=3 (wait a minute for everything to start up)

Archiving and playback

Open web front end at to enter URLs for archiving. You can prefill the text fields with the url and description request parameters. Play back the resulting WARC-files with Webrecorder Player



Add a bookmarklet to your browser with the following link:

javascript:window.open(''+encodeURIComponent(location.href) + '&description=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title));window.focus();

Now you have two-click web archiving from your browser.

Command line

To use from the command line with curl:

curl -d "scripts=srcset&scripts=scroll_everything&url=https://www.peterkrantz.com/" -X POST

Archivenow handler

To use from archivenow add a handler file handlers/ww_handler.py like this:

import requests
import json

class WW_handler(object):

    def __init__(self):
        self.enabled = True
        self.name = 'Warcworker'
        self.api_required = False

    def push(self, uri_org, p_args=[]):
        msg = ''
	    # add scripts in the order you want them to be run on the page
            payload = {"url":uri_org, "scripts":["scroll_everything", "srcset"]}

            r = requests.post('', timeout=120,

            return "%s added to queue" % uri_org

        except Exception as e:
            msg = "Error (" + self.name+ "): " + str(e)
        return msg