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67a1a51 Jul 9, 2011
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#!/usr/bin/env python
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import simplejson as json
import sys
from random import triangular, choice, random
class Posting(object):
def __init__(self, account, amount=None):
self.account = account
self.amount = amount
def generate(self):
if self.amount == None:
amount = ''
elif isinstance(self.amount, list):
amount = '$%.2f' % triangular(*self.amount)
amount = '$%.2f' % self.amount
return " %s %s" % (
class Entry(object):
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self.postings = []
self._has_generated = False
for k,v in kwargs.items():
setattr(self, k, v)
if not isinstance(self.payee, list):
self.payee = [self.payee]
if hasattr(self, 'start'):
self.start = datetime.strptime(self.start, '%Y/%m/%d')
if hasattr(self, 'end'):
self.end = datetime.strptime(self.end, '%Y/%m/%d')
def _should_generate_for_date(self, gendate):
if hasattr(self, 'start'):
if gendate < self.start:
return False
if hasattr(self, 'end'):
if gendate > self.end:
return False
if hasattr(self, 'once') and self._has_generated == False:
self._has_generated = True
return True
if hasattr(self, 'day'):
if type( == list:
return any([d == for d in])
elif ==
return True
if hasattr(self, 'dow'):
if isinstance(self.dow, list):
return any([d == gendate.weekday() for d in self.dow])
elif self.dow == gendate.weekday():
return True
return False
def _should_generate_for_probability(self):
if hasattr(self, 'probability'):
return self.probability >= random()
return True
def should_generate(self, gendate):
return self._should_generate_for_probability() \
and self._should_generate_for_date(gendate)
def generate(self, date):
return "%s * %s\n%s" % (
"\n".join([p.generate() for p in self.postings]))
def add_posting(self, account, amount=None):
self.postings.append(Posting(account, amount))
entries = []
with open(sys.argv[1]) as f:
for entry in json.loads(
postings = entry.pop('postings')
e = Entry(**entry)
for p in postings:
start = datetime(year=2008, month=01, day=1)
end = datetime(year=2011, month=7, day=7)
while start <= end:
for entry in entries:
if entry.should_generate(start):
print entry.generate(start)
start = start + timedelta(1)