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Port of to sinatra
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This is the software, as well as the content, that resides on It's a Sinatra application that renders Markdown into HTML and PDF.


  • Easy to hack on
  • Easy to deploy
  • Flexible content
  • (mostly) static with the ability to add dyanmic routes


$ bundle exec cap deploy deploy:cleanup runs on a virtual machine at Digital Ocean named The deploy process uses Capistrano::Buildpack and exports most pages as HTML, PDF (using Docverter, as well as a slightly-simplified form of Markdown. These files are then served up by Nginx.

Dynamic Routes

bugsplat.rb provides several dynamic routes as well:

  • /projects lists my open source projects and various side projects that I've worked on
  • /projects/:project_name renders the file from each project.
  • /source is an instance of Grack that actually serves up my open source projects
  • /subscribe signs people up to my mailing lists
  • /checkup-apply-form handles the application form for Stripe Checkup
  • /ping is a simple active health check


I don't do guest posts on If you have a code patch, email it to


Copyright (c) Okapi, LLC

Code (everything in a .rb file): MIT

Content (everything else): All rights reserved

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