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Pete Keen's Dotfiles

These are my dotfiles. That means primarily this is emacs with some bash thrown in with a tiny amount of other stuff. I've drawn heavily from the ideas put forth by Zach Holman's dotfiles. The core idea is that these files are organized by topic, not software. That means, for example, that all of the ruby things, both bash and emacs, belong in the same area.

I've changed a few little things:

  • Modules are listed explicitly in ~/.modules, one per line, and are loaded in the specified order. This lets me set up different configs for work and home while still sharing almost everything else.
  • Each module can have it's own bin/. These are added to the path module-file order.
  • I use bash instead of zsh
  • The core bash config looks for in every module
  • The core emacs config looks for init.el in every module
  • Emacs uses el-get to manage 3rd party dependencies.

To get started:

$ git clone
$ cd dotfiles
$ rake setup_modules
$ <edit ~/.modules as appropriate>
$ rake install

Adding a new module is simple. Just make a directory, drop and/or init.el and/or <something>.symlink into it, and list it in your modules file.