Command-line application for visualizing data from CloudSat and CALIPSO satellites
Python C Shell
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peterkuma Fix dimension mapping in MODIS swath plotting
When longitude is dimension mapped, intermediate values
between values across the 180th meridian are wrongly calculated.

- Add function utils.dimmap to replace cctk.dimmap2d.
- Use utils.dimmap in read_modis_swath instead of cctk.dimmap2d.
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ccplot is an open source command-line application for producing two-dimensinal plots of profile, layer and earth view data from CloudSat, CALIPSO and Aqua satellites.

The project is hosted at


Make sure you have the following programs and libraries installed:

Note: On Debian and Ubuntu, install dependencies with:

apt-get install --no-install-recommends cython python-numpy python-imaging python-matplotlib python-mpltoolkits.basemap ttf-bitstream-vera libhdf4-dev libhdfeos-dev


Go to the source distribution directory and perform the following commands:

python build
sudo python install

More information

See the man page ccplot(1) for information about usage, or visit


This program can be freely distributed and modified under the terms of the 2-clause BSD license. You can find the full text in the file LICENSE.


A number of people helped to make ccplot better for others. Special thanks goes to:

  • Ryan Scott for helping to port ccplot to Mac OS X.
  • Yin and to Subok Kim for reporting bugs.