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// Vangoh is a library designed to easily enable go
// web servers to be secured using HMAC authentication.
// Vangoh stands for Vanilla Go HMAC, and it is just that. It makes use of nothing
// apart from the Go core libraries to provide a robust and flexible solution
// for adding HMAC request authentication to a new or pre-existing web stack.
// It was designed to implement the HMAC scheme that was popularized by Amazon's AWS
// as described in detail here -
// The primary characteristic of this implementation is that the signature is placed
// In the "Authorization" header, along with the access ID, and a tag for the organization.
// Apart from implementing the signature-computing scheme defined by AWS, Vangoh also includes
// support for multiple different secret key providers within one instance, allowing flexibility
// in how different users and requests are authenticated. In addition, Vangoh allows for
// choice in the hashing algorithm that your HMAC implementation uses. The constructors
// default the algorithm used to SHA256, but it can be easily configured to support any
// class that implements hash.Hash
// Vangoh is designed to fit in with the conventions of the net/http package, meaning
// that integration with middleware stacks is easy, regardless of other software in use.
package vangoh