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Explorations of (Synthetic) Homotopy Theory in Coq

These files contain some explorations/developments of homotopy theory inside intensional type theory, investigating the ideas discussed at the Oberwolfach mini-workshop in Feb/Mar 2011.

They are to be read with the propositional-equality-as-paths philosophy, as used in eg the univalent foundations of Voevodsky. The core concept is the inductive type usually thought of as propositional equality, considered instead as the space of paths (or morphisms, 1-cells…) between points of types. Thus types are considered as something like spaces, instead of just like sets; and so we can develop homotopy theory purely internally.

Currently contains files:

  • paths.v: Definition of path spaces, and basic workhorse functions for composition of paths, transport along paths, etc.

  • basic_weqs.v: Some basic homotopy-theoretic definitions — contractibility, weak equivalences, basic constructions with these. (Depends on paths.)

  • etacorrection.v: The propositional η-rule, and a couple of lemmas. (Depends on paths, basic_weqs.)

  • univalence.v: Voevodsky’s Univalence axiom, and its important equivalent form as an induction principle for weq’s. (Depends on paths, basic_weqs.)

  • pathspaces.v: Definition and constructions on the total path spaces of types. (Depends on paths, basic_weqs.)

  • fext_from_univalence.v: Deduction of functional extensionality from UA. (Depends on all the files above.)

  • higher-induction_experiments.v: investigating (approximations of) higher-dimensional inductive type definitions — the interval, the circle, and mapping cylinders. (Depends on paths.)


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