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0.9.3 (3 October, 2012)

  • Temporary fix to allow Bower dependencies to be correctly copied to app/components. As a result of this patch RequireJS wiring of Bower deps is currently disabled



0.9.1 (15 September, 2012)

  • Removal of stdout checks, test against fs (Pull #473).

  • Fix for initializer example (Pull #447).

  • Support for an expanded compass --require arg (Pull #483).

  • Yeoman setup gets a colored art (Pull #493)!

  • Added ability to configure app index file for rjs task (Pull #505).

  • yeoman server:test and access to the app js files (Issue #443).

  • yeoman install backbone deletes existing files in app/scripts/vendor issue was fixed (Issue #460).

  • Replaced coffescript task with grunt-coffee (Pull#522)