This is my home. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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This is my home. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

This repository contains dotfiles, scripts, and plugins that personalize my Linux environment.


git clone --recursive git:// ~/.home
cd ~/.home
./install && ./post-install

You may clone the repository into a different directory if you prefer. It does not need to be located in ~/.home. See install -h for more options.

Installation Behavior

Each file in this directory structure will get symlinked into your $HOME at its corresponding location. Any directories beginning with _ are collapsed into its parent directory and are only used for organizing this repository. So, for example:

  • ~/.home/_zsh/.zshrc gets linked from ~/.zshrc.
  • ~/.home/_git/.zsh/git.zsh gets linked from ~/.zsh/git.zsh
  • ~/.home/_vim/.zsh/vim.zsh gets linked from ~/.zsh/vim.zsh

If any of the files already exist at the destination, you will be prompted to skip, overwrite, or backup that file.

Files specified in .homeignore will be ignored. Each pattern is specified on its own line. See the -path description in the find manpage for a description of the syntax used.


To remove all of the installed symlinks and restore all files that were backed up, use install -r. To remove the symlinks without restoring files, use install -u.

cd ~/.home
./install -r ~/.home/backup.abcde # Where backup.abcde is the backup you
                                  # want to restore from.

Forking and Contributing

This repository has two branches, core and master. core contains the installation script, related files, and documentation. master contains my own personal configuration. This should make it easy to merge upstream changes to core or to fork a repo with none of my configuration.

Feel free to log issues or pull requests on GitHub.