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.PHONY: all clean cleaner deploy-www
LIBS_MIN = lib/evento/evento-min.js \
lib/hijos/hijos-min.js \
lib/arbutus/arbutus-min.js \
lib/grail/grail-min.js \
LIBS = lib/evento/evento.js \
lib/hijos/hijos.js \
lib/arbutus/arbutus.js \
lib/grail/grail.js \
SRCS = src/header.js \
src/namespace.js \
src/capitalize.js \
src/trim.js \
src/some.js \
src/create.js \
src/borrow.js \
src/subclass.js \
src/borrowEvento.js \
src/borrowHijos.js \
src/borrowGrail.js \
src/Model.js \
src/SetModel.js \
src/View.js \
src/ElementView.js \
src/SetView.js \
src/Controller.js \
src/Model.subclass.js \
src/SetModel.subclass.js \
src/View.subclass.js \
src/ElementView.subclass.js \
src/SetView.subclass.js \
all: build/dist build/dist/maria-min.js build/www
build/dist: build/dist/ build/dist/ build/dist/LICENSE build/dist/maria.js build/dist/maria-min.js
mkdir -p build/dist
cp build/dist/
mkdir -p build/dist
cp build/dist/
mkdir -p build/dist
cp LICENSE build/dist/LICENSE
tmp/maria-raw.js: $(LIBS) $(SRCS)
mkdir -p build/dist tmp
cat $(LIBS) $(SRCS) >tmp/maria-raw.js
build/dist/maria-debug.js: tmp/maria-raw.js
mkdir -p build/dist
echo "var maria = (function () { // IIFE" > build/dist/maria-debug.js
cat tmp/maria-raw.js >> build/dist/maria-debug.js
echo "\nreturn maria;}()); // IIFE" >> build/dist/maria-debug.js
gzip --best -c build/dist/maria-debug.js > build/dist/maria-debug.js.gz
build/dist/maria.js: build/dist/maria-debug.js
bin/strip-debugging-code build/dist/maria-debug.js > build/dist/maria.js
gzip --best -c build/dist/maria.js > build/dist/maria.js.gz
build/dist/maria-min.js: build/dist/maria.js lib/compiler
mkdir -p build/dist tmp
cd build/dist && java -jar ../../lib/compiler/compiler.jar --js maria.js --js_output_file maria-min.js --create_source_map --source_map_format V3
echo "/*\n//@\n*/\n" >> build/dist/maria-min.js
gzip --best -c build/dist/maria-min.js > build/dist/maria-min.js.gz
deploy-www: build/www
scp -r build/www/*
build/www: build/www/eg build/www/api doc/* doc/*/* doc/*/*/* doc/*/*/* doc/*/*/*/* doc/*/*/*/*/*
mkdir -p build/www
touch build/www
cp -R doc/* build/www
# Need to make the file tmp/maria.js as the input source code used by JSDoc
# for three reasons:
# The real build/dist/maria.js is wrapped in an IIFE and using that file as the source
# that JSDoc processes makes JSDoc unable to produce HTML documentation with
# the appropriate filenames. For example, the filename for maria.Controller documentation
# ends up being 5a25124d2e.html.
# We cannot use tmp/maria-raw.js as the source file processed by JSDoc because an extra
# line is needed at the top of the file. This is the line that is used in
# build/dist/maria.js for the IIFE. At least an empty line is needed here so that line
# numbers in the documentation match the distribution built code.
# The file needs to be named "maria.js" so that the built documentation says "maria.js"
# rather than "maria-raw.js" or something else that is not the name of the real file
# that is distributed.
build/www/api: tmp/maria-raw.js lib/jsdoc
mkdir -p build/www
rm -f tmp/maria.js
echo "" > tmp/maria.js
cat tmp/maria-raw.js >> tmp/maria.js
rm -rf build/www/api
lib/jsdoc/jsdoc tmp/maria.js --destination build/www/api --configure etc/jsdoc-config.js
build/www/eg: build/dist/maria.js eg/* eg/*/* eg/*/*/* eg/*/*/* eg/*/*/*/* eg/*/*/*/*/*
mkdir -p build/www
rm -rf build/www/eg
mkdir -p build/www/eg
bin/build-example checkit
bin/build-example scrollit
bin/build-example timeit
mkdir -p tmp/compiler
cd tmp/compiler && \
curl -O && \
mkdir -p lib/compiler
mv tmp/compiler/compiler.jar lib/compiler
mkdir -p tmp/jsdoc
cd tmp/jsdoc && \
curl --output jsdoc-3.1.1.tar.gz && \
tar xvzf jsdoc-3.1.1.tar.gz
mkdir -p lib
mv tmp/jsdoc/jsdoc-3.1.1 lib/jsdoc
rm -rf build tmp
cleaner: clean
rm -rf lib/compiler lib/jsdoc