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NASG - not another static generator...

Nearly 20 years ago I did my very first website with a thing called Microsoft FrontPage. I loved it. Times changed, and I wrote a CMS in PHP, first with flat files, then with MySQL, then moved on to WordPress.

Now I'm back on a static generator. I love it.

WARNING: this is a personal project, scratching my itches. No warranties. If you want to deploy it on your own, feel free to, but not all the things are documented.

## What does it do

  • content is structured in folders
  • content files are YAML frontmatter + Multimarkdown
  • EXIF from images are read via exiftool this is an external dependency
  • Markdown is converted with pandoc this is an external dependency

How it works

  • pulls in webmentions from and stores them in .md files next to the of a post (see later) as: [unix epoch]-[slugified source url].md

  • pulls in micropub from the queue received by the micropub receiver PHP (see later)

  • finds 'redirect' files:

    • anything with a .url extension
    • content is the URL to redirect to
    • filename without extension is the slug to redirect from
    • for HTTP 302
  • finds 'gone' files:

    • anything with a .del extension
    • filename without extension is the slug deleted
    • for HTTP 410
  • finds content:

    • all files
    • corresponding comment .md file next to it
    • the parent directory name is the post slug
    • finds all images in the same directory (.jpg, .png, .gif)
      • reads EXIF data into a hidden, .[filename].json file next to the original file
      • generates downsized and watermarked images into the build/post slug directory
      • if a .jpg if found with the same slug as the parent dir, the post will be a special photo post
    • anything else in the same directory will be copies to build/post slug
  • send webmentions via

├── about.html -> will be copied
├── category-1
│   ├── article-1 -> slug
│   │   └── -> content file
│   │   └── extra-file.mp4 -> will be copied
│   │   └── -> comment
│   ├── fancy-photo -> slug of photo post
│   │   └── -> content
│   │   └── fancy-photo.jpg -> to downsize, watermark, get EXIF

Special features:

  • complete microformats2 and markup in templates
  • has light/dark theme, dark by default, but supports experimental prefers-color-scheme media query
  • generates 3 special PHP files:
    • search - uses and SQLite DB which is populated by Python on build
    • fallback - 404 handler to do redirects/gones, gets populated with an array of both
    • micropub - a micropub endpoint that accepts micropub content and puts the incoming payload into a json file, nothing else


Because I want believe.