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Open Climate Knowledge

#OCK – 100% open research for climate change

DOI: 10.25815/eb9f-ad48

Open Climate Knowledge (OCK) is an open research project for data mining Open Access (OA) papers related to Climate Change — to build stats on OA rates, and for researcher to use in their work. OCK is intended for researchers inside and outside of academe.

Get involved! Run the software yourself or contribute to the research project. You can see open tasks and areas of expertise that need covering here. If you have questions or comments then raise an issue on GitHub or message on Twitter with the hashtag #OCK.

The mission of OCK is to make research related to climate change 100% open. Currently research publishing related to climate change appear to be at rates of <30% open access. (Tai and Robinson 2018)

OCK has two goals:

  • firstly, to build a knowledge base on rates of open research using Peter Murray-Rust's data mining software OpenNotebook, and
  • secondly, to make a plan and recommendations about how to transition to 100% open research.

Building a knowledgebase using OpenNotebook for Open Climate Knowledge

Much of the code and processes are shared communal resources from different projects using OpenNotebook, see a listing here.

OpenNotebook workflow

  1. Install setup locally
  2. Create a dictionary, or use or modify an existing dictionary
  3. Select repository(s) to data mine
  4. Carry out search and/or retrieval of papers
  5. View the results in your local browser: SVG diagrams, statistics, papers broken down into sections, and as Scholarly HTML
  6. Modify dictionary and search, and repeat as needed
  7. Publish results
  8. Post-process results as needed

Guides and documentation

Saved searches and dictionaries

  1. Climate Changedictionary
  2. Climate Change
  3. Energy Modelling
  4. Fisherydictionary
  5. Invasive plant
  6. Problem
  7. Runaway climate changedictionary

How to contribute

  • Guide to using OpenNotebook with Open Climate Knowledge for your own personal 'data mining search'
  • Outstanding Task list
  • Areas of expertise needed
  • Questions and comments
  • Raise an issue on GitHub



About us

OCK started as part of the eLife Sprint, September 2019, in Cambridge, UK.

The project maintainers are Peter Murray-Rust chemist and open access advocate and Simon Worthington editor-in-chief Generation Research, with coordination from the Open Science Lab: TIB – German National Library of Science and Technology.

  • Roadmap
  • Code of Conduct
  • Contributors
  • Licencing
  • Imprint


All references at open Zotero group from GenR, tag #OCK

Tai, Travis C., and James P. W. Robinson. ‘Enhancing Climate Change Research With Open Science’. Frontiers in Environmental Science 6 (2018).


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