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Note. The commandline syntax is being migrated. See AMI-STEM) and more recent docs AMI-DOCS

A tool to convert a variety of inputs into normalized, tagged, XHTML (with embedded/linked SVG and PNG where appropriate). The initial emphasis is on scholarly publications but much of the technology is general.

Universal Search Tool (Citizen STEM Search; AMI-STEM)

This is a bundle of all norma and ami functionality to transform PDFs and XML into structured semantic HTML. It's alpha (2018-09) and we have 4-6 testers each with different projects. This runs on a simple commandline ; see AMI-STEM page for more details.


For a simple introduction and a description of how to install binaries of the software please see: here

Building from source

Norma can be built with maven3 and requires java 1.7 (sometimes 1.8) or greater.

Contributing to development

If you're interested in contributing please take a look at:

Everything after this is likely to be obsolete


Norma will convert legacy files into scholarly html. It converts files that are in a CProject structure. This enables it to process multiple papers in a single run without overwriting files. It also keeps all the data from each paper together in its own CTree. This includes metadata about the paper, images that may have been extracted from the paper and supplementary files such as tables.

To convert a CTree full of NLM xml files such as those you might have downloaded from EuropePMC with getpapers you can run:

norma --project <CProject folder> --input fulltext.xml --output scholarly.html --transform nlm2html