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upgrading chrome driver for OSX

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1 parent c07b712 commit 0c6d9eb2ef348522f6963f6c5f46fc0fdbf1feae @peterneubauer committed
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4 server/pom.xml
@@ -58,12 +58,12 @@
- <webdriver.version>2.20.0</webdriver.version>
+ <webdriver.version>2.24.1</webdriver.version>
<!-- Default location for chrome controller binary, used by webdriver for running tests in Chrome. Available from ( see README.txt for details on this. -->
- <></>
+ <></>
<webdriver.sauce.labs.url>**Needs to provided externally by the CI job for security reasons**</webdriver.sauce.labs.url>
<!-- Don't write new code using this, use neo-server.external instead -->

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