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adding python-embedded tag

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1 parent ee43285 commit 83023e11b618c1b7c722dba7796df1b23caee8d3 @peterneubauer committed Aug 14, 2012
Showing with 6 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +6 −2 udc/src/main/java/org/neo4j/ext/udc/impl/
8 udc/src/main/java/org/neo4j/ext/udc/impl/
@@ -122,9 +122,13 @@ private Integer determineClusterNameHash() {
private final Map<String,String> jarNamesForTags = MapUtil.stringMap("spring-", "spring", "(javax.ejb|ejb-jar)", "ejb", "(weblogic|glassfish|websphere|jboss)", "appserver",
"openshift", "openshift", "cloudfoundry", "cloudfoundry",
"(junit|testng)", "test",
- "jruby", "ruby", "clojure", "clojure", "jython", "python", "groovy", "groovy",
+ "jruby", "ruby",
+ "clojure","clojure",
+ "jython", "python",
+ "groovy", "groovy",
"(tomcat|jetty)", "web",
- "spring-data-neo4j", "sdn");
+ "spring-data-neo4j", "sdn",
+ "neo4j-python-embedded", "python-embedded");
private String determineTags(Map<String, String> jarNamesForTags, String classPath) {
StringBuilder result=new StringBuilder();

4 comments on commit 83023e1


Suggest we make the 'python-embedded' tag smaller as there's a limit to the length of line that can be logged in the UDC server.


How about python-m?


Working with @jakewins on making this change in python-bindings instead.

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